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Dris’s Launch in Massachusetts: A Minority-Owned Cannabis Business

The cannabis industry in Massachusetts has a new player making waves: Dris. We are a minority & women-owned business that officially launched on January 12th of 2024. We aim to deliver cannabis to the 21+ crowd across the region. 

We deliver Quality. Convenience. Always! 

This launch signifies not only the growth of Dris but also the expanding opportunities for minority-owned businesses in the cannabis industry.

Natick Home Base

Dris's co-founders, Chris Fevry & Dharry Fevry, said that the decision to establish their base in Natick was influenced by several factors. The town's central location, accessibility to major cities like Worcester, Boston, and Waltham, and the supportive attitude of town officials played pivotal roles. Natick not only provides logistical advantages but also represents a community ready to embrace innovative businesses like Dris.

“Natick’s not too far from Worcester and close enough to Boston, Waltham, and other larger cities.”

The Dris Journey

Dris, which is a blend of Fevry’s first name and that of our co-founder and Chris’ wife, Dharry Pauyo, has come a long way since its inception in 2020. Initially based in Bellingham, the company began its operations in 2021, delivering cannabis products through its Your Green Package brand in partnership with dispensaries. 

Over the past few years, Dris has successfully completed approximately 50,000+ deliveries and expanded its services to include delivery between cannabis businesses, for example manufacturers to dispensaries.

The move to Natick for our home base was facilitated by an agreement with the town in 2022, and the Planning Board’s approval of special permits last May set the stage for Dris’s current operations.

Why Choose Dris for Cannabis Delivery

What sets us apart in a growing market is its comprehensive delivery licenses, which allow the company to offer various types of delivery services. 

This flexibility enables Dris to provide competitive selection and pricing on popular products like edibles and pre-rolls.

Moreover, we are committed to making a positive impact on both our customers and employees. 

For customers, we provide a convenient alternative to visiting dispensaries, catering to those who may feel uncomfortable or unable to visit in person. 

For employees, we offer career growth opportunities, with many of our management team members having progressed from entry-level roles.

Dris is currently hiring box truck drivers and home delivery drivers, offering opportunities for those looking to join a dynamic and growing team.

We have a dedication to employee development and support for other Black-owned businesses.

The Future of Cannabis: 

As we continue to expand our services and reach, we are poised to contribute significantly to the local and state cannabis market. Our company’s strategic location, customer-focused approach, and dedication to employee development position us as a key player in the evolving cannabis industry.

The launch of Dris is more than just a business expansion; it represents a step forward for minority-owned businesses in the cannabis sector, offering a model of success and resilience in a challenging industry.

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